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Frequently asked questions:

QuestionIs this an Entrepreneurial endeavor?
Answer: Absoultly 100% we will teach you how to become a profitable CEO in the insurance industry! 

Question: “Can I start my business part time?”
Answer: Yes. Our most successful agents started part-time while they kept their job, before transitioning into a full-time career. 

Question: “Are agents paid full commission?”
Answer: Yes. You are vested day #1 direct to the Financial Institutions.  All agents are paid commissions daily with an advance from the carrier, lifetime renewals and bonus incentives monthly.  We provide monthly stipend for those who have a brick and mortar office up to $2500 per month. *see compensation plan for details

Question: “How much can a new agent make?”
Answer: Agents are paid on their ability to create activity within their business. A new agent will be given direction, training,  mentorship, team culture, lead resources, marketing / branding, CRM, and a road map on how to become a fully functional CEO in the insurance industry.  Agents earn between $25k annually to $Millions of dollars annually. 

Question: “Are there any fees to become an agent?”
Answer: NO! And we are proud of that! We are in the business of distributing financial products for insurance companies out to our clients. We view our agents as partners and want our agents to reach their full  potential in a professional atmosphere. We do not have any membership fees, special club fees, contract promotion fees, or training fees.

Question: “Do I need an insurance license?”
Answer: Yes. The Insurance industry is highly regulated. All of our agents must have, or obtain, a life insurance producer’s license for the state in which they reside in order to write business.

Question: “Can I get my insurance license online?”
Answer: Yes. You can do all your state required pre-licensing studying online with ExamFX. We provide our agents with a discounted rate. 

Question: “Can an agent earn a higher contract? How do I get a raise on my production?”
Answer: Absolutely. Every 90 days agents are eligible to receive contract raises on production requirements. Individual agents can earn top contracts that are normally only given to agency managers. Agency managers have the ability to earn contracts that surpass the industry standard.

Question: “Are there management opportunities here?”
Answer: Yes. The Platform is designed to help facilitate growth and assist our agents in building their own agencies. Ultimately teaching you how to become the CEO of your own agency. Our leaders and training platform feature education designed to help develop and support agents who would like to build an agency of any size or scoop.

Frequently asked questions: