We are looking for people who have an Entrepreneurial spirit and have always wanted to be the CEO of their own business.  Our core values are Humility, Ownership, Toughness, Attitude, Respect, Relationships.  Are you a self driven individual that operates with the mentality,  if it’s going to be it’s up to me.  An attitude that speaks I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it work.  Someone who thrives when their back is against the wall.  An individual who can provide massive value to the marketplace.  A coachable, friendly and positive demeanor.  These are the characteristics of the person we’re looking to work with.  

Brett Grossman is CEO of Sozo Capital Partners. His practice manages a book of business in the Financial Services industry. Together, along with his team they’ve worked with thousands of clients. Providing customized financial instruments to meet their client’s economic situation and retirement planning needs. His client portfolio includes but not limited to small to medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, investors, attorneys, fortune 500 companies and middle American families across the country.

He’s worked with many professionals in groups and individually who’ve gone on to have great success as business leaders in their respective communities. He’s mentored, coached and educated individuals in key areas such as optimization, building distribution, marketing, operations, sales, recruiting and hiring. He leads with passion and takes great pride in creating other leaders in their field.